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May 10, 2016

 Blog Launch - Mining | Data | Cost | IoT

Emerging Trends in Mining Labor

May 12, 2016

 85K U.S. Mine Sites with Employment Data - Commercial Edition Available Here

March 1, 2016

 85K U.S. Mine Sites with Employment Data - Community Edition Available Here

February 28, 2014

 Overview of Workforce Trends in US Aggregate and Industrial Minerals Industries - SME Annual Meeting


 Emerging Workforce Trends of the U.S. Energy and Mining Industries - National Academies Press

February 20, 2012

Emerging Workforce Trends in the U.S. Mining Industry - SME Annual Meeting

January 3, 2012

 Emerging Workforce Trends in the U.S. Mining Industry - White Paper (Sponsors: SME, NMA, NSSGA, and IMA-NA)

August 23, 2011 and November 9, 2011

Emerging Workforce Trends in Mining - Presentation to the National Academies.

September 1, 2011


Newest site launch. Replaces our original site from 2008


Mining labor to be in short supply

August 26, 2011

boy with haulpak in snowYour Future in mining....

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ASA's Service Offerings


Consulting & Contracting

     ASA (Automated Systems Alliance, Inc.) provides Technical Consulting and Contracting services primarily to Industrial Construction, Natural Resources, Engineering, and IT companies.  

     ASA works with the business side of organizations to execute implementations, modifications and management of often complex technologies and business processes. 

     In existence for over 20 years, ASA has developed a deep understanding of its client's industries. Long term relationships with our clients has allowed us to provide flexible and durable solutions.  

See a select list of our projects here. Please feel free to contact us with questions.


Project Management

Project Management is one of ASA's core competencies. ASA is often called on to manage the projects it executes and  can integrate well with many styles (EPCM, PMI, etc.) of program and project management used by its clients.  

ASA has experience with both the execution and process elements of Project Management including: Scoping, estimation, planning, scheduling, contracting, design, construction, tracking, and the underlying finance and cost accounting systems.


Project Control

ASA knows projects and has extensive experience delivering the technology and business processes necessary to support Project Programs and Project Campaigns. Both the Project Control Data Warehouse (PCDW) and Open Data Warehouse Model are the direct result of that experience.


Project List


"Some of our Projects:"    


·         Research & Analysis: Emerging Workforce Trends in U.S. Mining study presented to the National Academies (NAS).

·         Constructed and managed a statistical and GIS user interface to access 20+ years of ground and surface water data in support of a 500M+ environmental program at a world class mine.

·         Deployed, enhanced, and supported server and storage hardware to deliver a geologic GIS system at multiple international sites.

·         Acquired the rights to ACIS® competitive intelligence software. Advanced the product in a SaaS hosted environment.

·         Developed innovative open source data warehouse schema for project control to operate on Microsoft SQL, MySQL and other platforms along with documentation and white papers.

·          Assisted in development of a new environmental and social responsibility initiative to enhance social license development capabilities.

·         Spearheaded the implementation of the ACIS® business development software/ hardware system for a major natural resource company. Provided comprehensive support, training and enhancement of the system following implementation.

·         Constructed EPCM project portfolio system with BI reporting to improve shutdown and turnaround tracking and to reduce IT involvement in reporting by 90%.

·         Developed shutdown/turnaround time reporting system (DW/BI) for contractors and staff. Coordinate contracts, schedule, and project/task information to deliver cost/schedule exception reporting with ±5% accuracy on 1M+ (labor) per day and 12 hour lags.

·         Developed and maintained a project control data warehouse and ETL system with Business Intelligence reporting for an owner’s engineering group at a world class mine.

·         Designed, built, and maintained data centers for engineering and construction groups, (platforms: Windows, Linux and Sun UNIX); implemented IIS, FTP, SQL Server, and other applications to support field and office personnel.

·         Participated in multiple 10M-40M shutdown/turnarounds at a world class mining facility.

·         Developed and maintained  commercial software for Land Management, Document Control, Drill Hole Data, and Leased Equipment management.

·         Other: Anode variance study, regional PM10 study for steel company, smelter air quality study, groundwater studies, truck scale design, and others...

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