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May 10, 2016

 Blog Launch - Mining | Data | Cost | IoT

Emerging Trends in Mining Labor

May 12, 2016

 85K U.S. Mine Sites with Employment Data - Commercial Edition Available Here

March 1, 2016

 85K U.S. Mine Sites with Employment Data - Community Edition Available Here

February 28, 2014

 Overview of Workforce Trends in US Aggregate and Industrial Minerals Industries - SME Annual Meeting


 Emerging Workforce Trends of the U.S. Energy and Mining Industries - National Academies Press

February 20, 2012

Emerging Workforce Trends in the U.S. Mining Industry - SME Annual Meeting

January 3, 2012

 Emerging Workforce Trends in the U.S. Mining Industry - White Paper (Sponsors: SME, NMA, NSSGA, and IMA-NA)

August 23, 2011 and November 9, 2011

Emerging Workforce Trends in Mining - Presentation to the National Academies.

September 1, 2011


Newest site launch. Replaces our original site from 2008


Mining labor to be in short supply

August 26, 2011

boy with haulpak in snowYour Future in mining....

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About Us

What We Do:

 ASA is a Colorado based, global, independent contracting company incorporated in 1987 with services and products that primarily focus on the natural resource, industrial construction, and engineering industries. Select here to contact us.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Data Modeling - Transactional (3NF) and Dimensional

 Analytics - Statistics - Data Science

Systems Design and Implementation

Project Management

Project Control: Project Budgeting, Estimating, Scheduling and Planning


Marketing and Marketing Research: Mining & Exploration Speciaist

Special Projects... 

Our Products and Projects:

    Recently, ASA added full featured Data Services and Virtual Data Rooms to it's product and service lineup. These new products and services are designed specifically to meet the needs of the Exploration, Mining, Engineering, and Industrial Construction organizations.

    ASA added ACIS® to its product list in 2010 after having extensive experience implementing and supporting the product. ACIS® is designed for internal social networking with business development and knowledge management features.

   ASA added an Open Source Style Data Warehouse product for Project Control (PCDW) in 2009. This product has the distinction of being the first Open Source Style data warehouse on the market.  At the same time, ASA added an Open Data Warehouse Model (ODWM) to encourage others to build their own Open data warehouses.

    ASA’s past products include LIMS (Land Information Management System) which, in the late ‘80s, controlled up to a quarter of the mineral land in the US, and ARS (Automated Retrieval System) which was designed for specialized exploration company document control. Both products were designed, constructed, sold and supported by ASA. Renditions of both products are still in use.

   In the 22 years ASA has operated it has worked with local and global companies on a wide variety of system implementations, business process alignments, hardware deployments, statistical evaluations, environmental, ESR, exploration, engineering, operations, accounting/project control, and system development projects.  


    ASA is growing. We are forming new partnerships and adding new products and services. The next ten years are going to see dramatic changes, shifts, and opportunities in the business sectors we work with. We have front row seats...its going to be great!

Job Outlook:

    We will be looking to grow shortly. Please don't send resumes just yet but watch this area for postings as positions become available.